Monday, October 23, 2006

My House is Red

After such a long gap, I was able to find the other Lost Poem " My House is Red through Lognathan (Logunix). I am hoping to return home soon and rhyme the entire poem to Pranav. Have another 2 months of waiting................Day and Night I'm missing him and it's been really hard to push each and very moment, though I am occupied with more than 16 hours of workday. Anyway, let me post the poem for everyone to cherish.

My House is Red

My house is red—a little house,
A happy child am I;
I laugh and play the livelong day,
1 hardly ever cry.

I have a tree, a green, green tree,
To shade me from the sun;.
And under it I often sit,
When all my work is done.

My little basket I will take,
And trip into the town;
When next I am there I’ll buy- some cake,
And spend my bright half-crown.