Saturday, November 24, 2007

A rejuvenating Trip

Here I sit, shriveled in the heat of the laptop, fretting on account of my idle legs, world-weary, will-weary, and one day I would be suffocated of my all-too-great self-pity. In a conversation I had with one of my friends, I was talking too much of the nature, streams, waterfalls, rivers, springs, cascades…..I realized the need, yearning, urge, itch and thirst to taste the sweetness of Virgin Nature and share some divine moments in the cradle of Mother Nature. Sensing that the Thanksgiving holiday in US would give me some bandwidth, I planned a day’s trip to Coimbatore with Shakthi.

Coimbatore is the gateway to various nature trails like Top Slip, Valpaarai, Athirampalli, Ooty, Munnar and the whole of Kerala. We reached Coimbatore on Thursday Morning and checked into Lord’s Park, the only hotel where the accommodation was available, owing to the marriages and function as the day was an auspicious one. After a quick wash and change, we along with headed towards, Siruvani Waterfall which is 40 kms from Coimbatore. This waterfall is also popularly known as Kovai Cuttralam. We reached the forest check-post at the entrance of the waterfall and I was happy to note that a thorough inspection being conducted by the forest guard for inflammable, plastic, polythene and other pollutants, before the entry. After passing the check post, we had to drive further to reach the parking lot. Then it was an enchanting 2 km walk through the thick forest of teak and various shoal trees.

The alluring fragrance of champak sprinkled on the dewy moistly breeze accompanied us through this tree caved path which lead us to the waterfalls. As it was a weekday, there were only a few visitors and we felt as if the entire place is reserved for us today. We bathed around the waterfall, stream, casecade and the pools for the next 4 hours. It was a natural spa, with water as sweet as the nectar, as scented as geranium, as cold as rose water, as clear as the crystal and as lively as a masseuse.

Everything flows,
Everything retains,
Eternally rejuvenates the water of existence.

Everything falls,
Everything returns,
Eternally resurrects water of existence
Everything drops,
Everything blossoms forth again;
Eternally manifests the water of existence.
Everything separates,
Everything integrates;
Eternally true to itself remains the water of existence.

In every drop begins existence,
In every dip is an orgasm
The center is everywhere.
For she is the pool of eternity.

We had to leave the place with a heavy heart owing to the pricking hunger and we headed towards the Dyanalinga Yogic Foundation set amidst a thick forest on the foot of Velliangiri Hills. It was a 13 kms drive en route Coimbatore from the Siruvani Waterfall. As soon as we reached, we had some hot dosas with herbal chutney and the hunger was settled. We were roaming around the beautiful garden around the facility meant for guest accomodation and I was happy to spot a couple of peacocks. Then we entered the Theerthakund, which is a tank built underground with a solidified mercury lingam in its center. We spent 20 minutes submerged in the tank hugging the lingam and I could feel that whole body was being transformed into .

Then we went to the dome, the sanctum sanctorum where the dhyanalingam is seated. One of the outer wall of the dome had a sculpture depicting Shiva in three states - Rudra, Hara and Sadhasiva. We entered the dome and found ourselves into a duct to be lost in meditation, just to be in a state of nothingness. No prayers told, No chanting uttered, No wishes thought of…. But I could sense that the nothingness also did not settle. May be, it was too short to expect it and there was expectation which would be great barrier to achieve it…achieve is not the right word though. May be attain… it wouldn’t suite as well. Achievement, attainment and all these objective terms would only be hindrance to nothingness. May be I should stay here for a few weeks to experience it myself. With a hope of returning soon, we left Dyanalinga Yogic Foundation. It was a memorable day!