Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Connecting People

Connecting People.... Hey, I'm not promoting Nokia here. It's all about the status of the connections that exists among individuals through a sequence of communication leading to an established relationship, real in case of direct contacts and virutal in case of Blog or IM. Sometimes, the frequency of communication dwindles due to the apparent limitations like being occupied within the pond of our own life, relocating to a different place,disapperance of the common ground on which the relationship was established... may be there are countless reasons. Whatsoever happens, we still cherish the moments in any relationship and sometimes it is also revived as a pleasant surprise.

It just happened that, I published a post titled Mark Antrobus on 11 June 2006 in memory of one of my dear friend Mark, who became my buddy way back in 2000. We were in touch for 2 years and after I left my native place, the only time I remembered him was when I wrote this post. I realized that, all the gratitude and love for him was latent in my subconcious, till it found a way of expression and lack of remembrance doesn't mean lack of gratitude and love. A couple of months after I published this post, there was a comment from Elango, a friend of Mark saying that, Mark has been looking to contact me. Though I was happy, there was no means to contact him, as it was an anonymous comment with a name.

Finaly, in early March 2007, I got an email from Mark, expressing his gratitude for the post with the all his contact information. After a gap of 5 years, we found each other! Last month, I got a comment from Fay, who used to be a friend of Mark and his mom, when Mark and Fay were 17/18 years of age. I passed on each other's contact information and I hope they are in touch now. A few days before, there was an email from one Haggis, who knew Mark and his mom, probably in early 1960s. It is amazing that, even after a disconnect of nearly 50 years, friendship gets revived as a new blossom.

All that I could infer from these mails is that, Mark has been very inspirational and no wonder, he is still the same. I'm really happy that, I rediscovered a friend and Kodaihills is connecting people:)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Faux Fox - Lessons Learnt

I got reminded of a parable, when I realized the frequency with which I post now a days. Here goes the story...

A fox gets up early in the morning as the sun is rising. He comes out of the cave looking for some breakfast. But then as he comes out, he looks at his shadow. In the early morning sun the shadow is very long.

He says, “My God! I am this big! Even a camel will not be enough for breakfast.” He starts searching for a camel – it will be even better if he can get an elephant.

But time passes and he does not come across any elephant or any camel, and it is getting hot, and in fact the time for breakfast has passed. It is time for lunch and he is feeling really hungry. The sun has come just above his head. He looks another time at his shadow. It has shrunken completely, it is just under him.

He says, “My God, I have never thought that hunger can do that much. I have shrunken. I used to be so long – just in the morning – so huge and just missing one breakfast... Now even if I can get a rat, that will do – even for lunch"

Mind in its randomness and chaos, thinks with no limits; while the best of those thoughts crystallize and only the best of the best (as rated by the chaotic mind) is sent to be actioned. Most times, the period between the conception of the thought and its translation into action turns out to be so wide that, it is never materialized. I notice this phenomena happening in me time and again, even while blogging. I wait for translating a thought into a post till it attains perfection in the mind. However, it never attain perfection, as the mind is always greedy and looks for more and more satiation. The lapse time becomes, so long that, the posts get deprioritized and is ultimately lost in the void.

Lessons Learnt - Be spontaneous; Never postpone ; There is nothing like perfection; Be here and now!

Though, the parable can be interpreted in many ways, I have just related it to one phenomena.
What would be your interpretation?