Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fxxx - The most beautiful word!

Every prophet has been misinterpreted and finally institutionalized by the so called followers. For example, Jesus’ repeated call for repentance has led to branding the humanity as sinners to be repented all their life. In essence, what he meant was to “turn inward”. The equivalent word for repentance in Aramaic meant to turn inward.

Osho is no exception too. I believe he is the highly misinterpreted prophet I have known and he was once called the “Sex Guru”. As a person who was fortunate enough to have a profound insight of his teachings, I can say that he has made millions understand the timelessness of the west and the eternity of the east.

This is the hilarious, infamous F**k discourse by Osho. Hope you will enjoy this.


Kamal Aanand (Kamz) said...

I have already heard this via a link on the net. Quite hilarious! But makes sense!!

Arun said...

yup. tat's a f*ckin wonderful list. yes osho's was and still misinterpreted. neways i go by his few views on sex. i read that ppl are more aroused during their teens and gradually their sexual appetite comes down in their late 20's. so he says no point in marrying after 24 or after that. oops i'm not literally standing on the point I made but just when an outsider happens to read it, no wonder he may label him a sex guru. (he adds child-marriage in and from the early 19th century was abolished mainly because girls at that age can't can't take care of themselves during pregnancy (no guy would complain of boredom. cool).now you have a helluva reasons for postponin ur marriage)