Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Naming my Son

PNow, the question of naming my son is resolved. What is a Name? I don’t think that a name is a unique identifier of an individual, as there are more individuals than the names under the sun. RFID Tags would be most appropriate to identify the uniqueness than the names. I think, Name is a bridge to relate a person with another and hence is a form of Ego. A name is for others to call us by, where as the ego is for us to call ourselves. Name is the first sheath that is imposed on a human being born into this world and we start relating the self with the name, its meaning, its numerology, its celebrity holders, and finally inculcate the qualities of these factor and imitate them.

The Kids are named with the assumption that, they would like the way they are called by and hence, if it is not meeting their expectations, they should be allowed to change their names at will. With this preconception, I have named my son as Pranav Teja.
"Dear Pranav,
I give you this name as a message.
You will have to unfold it, live it.
Right now it will be only a name,
but if you work on it, it will become your reality.
It will not be anymore a name,
just a name.

"When I named you,
in that moment I had a certain feeling about you.
But, if you go on changing ...
And, if you are no longer in that space ...
Then you will be in a different space.

"When you are unable to relate to your name,
You give yourself another name.
Your whole aura will be different
In the way you want it to be!"

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