Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Red Poem

First, let me apologize for being so callous about my next post. It's true that I was hectic, occupied and pre-occupied, but due diligence should have been given to the blog in spite of all these lame excuses. For me, the thought of a post bubbles-up only when I find time for own-self. The only time I had for myself in this past month turned to be the time I drive from home to office and back. In spite of the shimmering heat of Chennai aggravated by the annoying traffic, I was able to conceptualize a flurry of posts and their skeleton. However, when I plunged into the work, everything evaporated, only to be left with the guilt of not having materialized those bubbles into a beautiful post.

Many thanks to Priya, Dawn, Vishesh and Mystic for their concern. Inspired by them, I share a poem that I wrote last week, for a team of 200 that my wife was heading for her company's family day. As a part of the Maui Hikers team's publicity campaign, my wife asked a poem on Red, the colour of the team. The poem was required to have attributes of Power and Action and I got the crux from the good old "Gimme Red" Eveready Advertisement. This poem got crystallized while I was driving from home to office. I concluded that, it's worth sharing the poem, when I heard that many people liked it -:)

Gimme Red
Gimme Red
The sunset dusk
In crimson Red

Gimme Red
Gimme Red
The human blood
In scarlet Red

Live-in Red
Live-in Red
The caution saves
In Striking Red

Live-in Red
Live-in Red
Passion and Love
At heart is Red

Being Red
Being Red
Tulips and Roses
Beauty in Red

Being Red
Being Red
Strength and Courage
In flaming Red

Love you Red
Love you Red
Maui Hikers
House is Red


vishesh said...

lovely red
lovely red,
the blushing
colur is red!!

:-D :-)

worth the wait!!

priya said...


We all shud thank your wife now for bringing a beauitful poem from a great poet after a long gap.

priya said...

Shiva: You don't have to apologize as we all understood you must be pre-occupied.

A nice red indeed and who never likes that color. Its dashing, hot, romantic and sexual.. Ok ok lemme stop here.

You have put it so well describing the beauty of red the way we see it. Cute post and thanks for sharing here buddy.

Kavi said...

Red is a wonderful colour. Standing for power action et al ! You have captured the many elements of Red well.

All-encompassing Red !!

Welcome back ! Missed You !

Jeeves said...

Nice post after a long gap. But this one was sure scary

"Gimme Red
Gimme Red
The human blood
In scarlet Red"

I never knew colour red could be transformed into a nice poem.

shirsha said...

Quite understandable your frustrations wrt a deserted blog :)
Btw, this poem, shud be made a song! I can imagine the hip-hop beats ;)

Shiva said...

Vishesh - Nothing like extending a poem. Those lines were lovely. Thanks Buddy.

Shiva said...

Priya - You comments provokes me to add more stuff to the post. I might add. Thanks!

Shiva said...

Kavi - That was a Red Carpet Welcome:) Thanks

Shiva said...

Thanks Jeeves. I didn't mean to add a scary element in the poem. I saw the red in life sustaining blood.

Shiva said...

Hip-hop? May be Shirsha should compose the music:)

Shirsha, how do I visit your blog. Missing your funny posts. You need to give access to me

priya said...

Shiva: No problem at all.

As said above for Shirsha-

@ Shirsha: I just know her recently, but she writes good stories and is very practical.

Ther are crazy people out ther girl and I too had a bad day today when someone sent dirty comments. Just got back to comment moderation. Any chance of changing your mind??

tulipspeaks said...

my tulips r also red!!

wow! nice one.


Shirsha said...

Ooh, really, you want to? Shall send u an invite at once!

And abt the music, not hip-hop? what'd u prefer? some tangy topply from the heart music like usual rehman stuff?

Jeevan said...

Beautiful red poem. Crimson red is an evening wonder that colorful the sky. Great to have u r poem after sometimes… if someone is missing here we can understand they are in unavoidable reason, no apologize friend:)

Princess said...

beautiful poem...

how r u?
was busy for a while...
very nice poem.
keep writing..

Kavi said...

all well..?

Dawn....सेहर said...

Amazing…..oh boy what else would be best to show your love to u better half :D
You rock there man…keep writing I will say
That’s very sweet of your gesture there


mystic rose said...

what happened? :).

not that im not happy, and did wonder why you did not earlier.. :)

Shiva said...

Priya - looks like you and Shirsha are set:)

Shiva said...

Tulip - Thanks for your comment

Shiva said...



Shiva said...


So sweet of you :)

Shiva said...

Thanks Princess. Good to have you back :)

Shiva said...


Thanks. Doing Good. Hope to be regular:)

Shiva said...

Thanks Dawn! Just blushing....

Shiva said...

Exactly the same question I have been asking myself. What is happening to me and what am I doing with life....

Hope to be more regular, for the blog world makes me happy:)

Ponniyinselvan said...

red;my eyes are red;
red.the blood my son shed.
red.the fire that burnt him.
red are my eyes are red.
red ;the tears they drop.
red are the drops which
come from a broken,torn heart.

Satish said...

amazing dude, I dint know u were a poet.. :)