Friday, December 28, 2007

The world we are

It pains! It hurts! And it is disgusting, when we hear of a bomb blast or assassination or shootout. An assassination in the name of some ideology, 20 people killed apart from the target and the suicide bomber.

Where are we heading to? From civilization to barbarianism?

From democracy to terrorism?

What do you call this ideology that divides people, that disseminates hatred, that curbs you off the very right to live?

Is that ideal?
Definitely Not

Where is love?

Where is humanity?
In then developed nations

Where are the values?
In the books

Have we lost everything?
We have lost our senses

Then, why do we boast ourselves as civilized?
To satiate ego

Are we not morons, destroying this planet earth making it a hell for the people and the generations to come?
Yes. We are!

Is there a solution?

Do we know it?

What is it?

What else can be the cure for so much hatred? There is a need for the world to be obsessed in love, the universal love. We love our family and call relationship as love; we love our society and call interdependency as love, we love our country and call patriotism as love; We apply the gold plating of love on everything and call them as love. Is the love for your country love? Is it not patriotism? Is it not an extension of your ego till the boundaries of your country? Is the love for your religion and hatred for another religion love? Is it not fanaticism or bigotry or intolerance? We fail to extend love beyond these boundaries. When I say, love, it is the universal love – extending our self-love beyond our family, beyond our society, beyond our belief, beyond our country, beyond this mother earth, beyond this universe and beyond all dualities. Believe me, when we limit our love, it will endanger us. It’s not that love is dangerous. It is because, we are too narrow minded to contain it and it turns into a tool and gets misdirected towards achieving some mundane goal like sex, money, power, territory etc. When you love, you love for love’s sake. What else could be the reason?

Swami Vivekananda depicts this beautifully as “Sufficient unto him is the ideal of love, and is it not self-evident that this universe is but a manifestation of this love? What is it that makes atoms unite with atoms, molecules with molecules, and causes planets to fly towards each other? What is it that attracts man to man, man to woman, woman to man, and animals to animals, drawing the whole universe, as it were, towards one centre? It is what is called love. Its manifestation is from the lowest atom to the highest being: omnipotent, all-pervading, is this love. What manifests itself as attraction in the sentient and the insentient, in the particular and in the universal, is the love of God. It is the one motive power that is in the universe. Under the impetus of that love, Christ gives his life for humanity, Buddha even for an animal, the mother for the child, the husband for the wife. It is under the impetus of the same love that men are ready to give up their lives for their country, and strange to say, under the impetus of the same love, the thief steals, the murderer murders. Even in these cases, the spirit is the same, but the manifestation is different. This is the one motive power in the universe. The thief has love for gold; the love is there, but it is misdirected. So, in all crimes, as well as in all virtuous actions, behind stands that eternal love”.

Earth is deserted; deprived of love, compassion, passion, values and all that is divine. Why do we still cling on to the law of survival of the fittest, when every life that is born into this world has a right to live, not just exist? A change is needed. Change is not the right word. Change is from the known to the known and human mind is crooked enough to define the change to suite its selfish motives. A mutation is required. From the known to something supreme and divine.

May be we should take call these politicians to a nursery school and make them kneel on the floor and teach them how to laugh, celebrate, be egoless, be humane, be compassionate, be sensible and not to fight and not to be stupid!



vishesh said...

the thief's love is not misdirected for love cannot be love something because it makes you feel warm and comfortable....The universe is made of the three gunas and earth too....all three have to be in a balance...if that is is broken(as it is now) terror may overcome other things...what we know is what others face,yet we can't be sure thats the reality...for long i have tried to feel sorry for those victims...but the problem is we hear such news everyday,that it has become a part of our lives....yes there is hope.....we need to have a person who understands life and love....a person who loves ruling and power for helping people...and that my friend for the leader to come will be another decade or two...

Jeevan said...

Love is air..... it (must) not see religion, boundaries, color or values like air gives life to all living in this world. Comes to love on any other it should be only after people and there lives. For some people where the love on something very severe and then turn violent minds should be changed. There must be loved not to be blindly.

butterfly said...

Truly said! This world where we live in is a mess. We should all joined hands to make this planet a better place.

Kavi said...

Well said Shiva ! I only wish we are able to put some sense into the senseless. How much of a lovable place will this be..!

This is a wonderful note for this season when new resolutions are made !

Wishing you a great year ahead !

Dawn....सेहर said...

Beautiful post and thanks for giving so much information

Dawn....सेहर said...

Beautiful post and thanks for giving so much information

mystic rose said...

"...from the known to something supreme and divine... "

a powerful post, shiva!!