Monday, September 21, 2009

Eid Mubarak

Peace prevailed everywhere! If there was any breach, it was at nature's own accord. Torrential rains and land slides were the only reasons to keep peace aside for a while. People were always at peace. This is the Kodai I remember.

At Kodai, we had more festivel
s to celebrate than any religious group. Be it New Year or Pongal or Ramadhan or Diwali or Christmas or Bakrid, the entire town would celebrate. It was not a town belonging to any nation, but a commune embracing all faiths and respecting people of all faiths. For us, the world beyond Kodai never existed.

But for the marriages, the entire population seemed related. Hindus and Muslims calling each other rightfully as cousins (mama - mappillai) and same goes with Christians. This relationship spanned across generations. We lived as families. Infact, my dad and my uncle were named with a proper hindu names by a muslim. To this day, even after four generations we maintain and respects the bonding our forefathers had established.

In Kodai, no matter which belief you follow, you are sure to devour Biryani on the Ramadan day, enjoy a pastry and hoist a star on your roof on the christmas day and burst some fireworks with a sumptuous feast on the Diwali Day. No matter what happens elsewhere, the town with its people was in perfect harmony.

This had been the case till Kodai was turned into a tourist destination and started accomodating more settlers from the plains. Then, the Ganesh Pooja processions, Babri Masjid Agitations and the impact of all that happens beyond its borders started creeping in. Politics took an upperhand over peace.

In spite of these effects, I'm sure they still continue to live as families, in our old ways. Though Kodai and I have abandoned each other for nearly a decade, the reason I rememberd her today is because of my muslim friends and their Ramadan Day's scrumptious Biryani.

Image Note: A Mosque sits brotherly next to a Church and an Amman Temple


Kavi said...

After a one year hiatus you come back and talk about the Biriyani which gets my mouth watering !


Kodai seems to be the tale of any small city with potential of 'money to be made' !

I also guess that you are talking of a different time ! When everything was at peace. People lived harmoniously.

And the air was clean !

vishesh said...

I always wonder where prejudices would have been better if such a society(such as your Kodai ;) ) could have influenced the world ..


Shiva said...

Hi Kavi,

Yes.. it's been a long time. Thanks to the Biryani :)

It's about the Kodai of a distance past..when the carrots were sweet and water sprang from the fields ..


Shiva said...


Kodai is no longer the role model.. it's already a prey to the world model..


Jeevan said...

That’s a great bond indeed shiva, and peace grows by these relationships going beyond any religion or belief.

How delicious it was, both the relationship and biryani! We too have Muslim neighbors and ever since decades of practice as friends and families, they share biriyani with us at every occasion alike us how we share pongal, ganesh chaturthi, porridge day...

Very nice having a post from you after long time! Kodai is simply cool; I visited it again just three months back.

Satish Tota said...

Dude..good to see u back..was missing your blogs..
Nice article..I believe many places in India were similar to Kodai until politics ruined people's minds..However, it is a pity to know even educated ones falling prey for this..

Anand said...

Machaan...where have you been all these days? A post from you after a year. Can't believe. Come home, Let us plan for some briyani.

Arun said...

"For us, the world beyond Kodai never existed"

I never knew Kodai was so much to you. I remember I passed an offensive remark about Kodai. Wish you have a bad memory :)

Quoting Tolstoy

"I have lived through much, and now I think I have found what is needed for happiness. A quiet secluded life in the country, with the possibility of being useful to people to whom it is easy to do good, and who are not accustomed to have it done to them. And work which one hopes may be of some use. Then rest, nature, books, music, love for one's neighbor. Such is my idea of happiness. And then, on top of all that, you for a mate, and children perhaps. What more can the heart of a man desire?"

Kodai is one such place :)

Anonymous said...

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Dawn....सेहर said...

Happy New Year...where are you?

I thought to read something here in 2010 :)

Hope all is fine at your end

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