Sunday, March 23, 2008

Holi Hai!

A memorable weekend, as we were invited to join Holi Celebrations yesterday. It was fun with colours being splashed all over the place and the kids playing with their water guns. None was spared and no one could dodge their bullets. Here are some interesting snaps shot yesterday.

A festival of colors,
Ends the cold weather;
Brings the spring in grandeur;
For our ecstasy and delight.

A festival of colors,
Kills the demons in us;
Begets the self that’s real;
For our spirit and soul.


Jeevan said...

This is very nice expressions of colorful festival; a friendly festival is added in your life now :) Be Happy!

Meenu said...

Happy Holi !
Am sure you must have had a wonderful holi there .. since in Delhi they enjopy this festival with so much joy !
so enjoy !
and was that girl in the middle your daughter?? cute pics!

vishesh said...

lol! nice sonnet :)

tulipspeaks said...

holi is not being celebrated in m'sia though i really wish they would. its too colourful to be missed!


Shiva said...

Jeevan - Thanks!Hope you too had a good time.

Meenu - Thanks for the wishes. That girl in the middle is a neighbour, not my daughter. I've a son.

Vishesh - Sonnet? Anyways, Thanks

Ammu - It was fun. Thanks!

vishesh said...

you are tagged :)

Solitaire said...

Everyone has holi posts up..and my blogs are completely in another world!

Keshi said...

Happy Holi Shiva!

I love COLORS.


mystic rose said...


Anand said...


Welcome back to blogging. I was tracking your blog till March 1st, and nothing came up. I got busy with baby s(h)itting & here we have 3 posts from you aftr that.

Called up on the day of Holi to ask, howz the experince and u answered the phone by saying Happy Holi. I could make out that you are enjoying that.

Have fun.

Dawn....सेहर said...

Happy Holi dear am late but I miss holi so much....!
Did enjoyed reading your celebration


Shiva said...

Solitaire - Welcome. Holi is in the heart, even when in the other world

Shiva said...

Thanks Keshi

Shiva said...


Surprised to see you had time to read the blog when the little one is around and ur trip is round the corner. Glad!

Thanks da!

Shiva said...

Mystic visits! - glad

Shiva said...

Dwan - Hope you'll make it for a holi soon.

Glad that you enjoyed reading this.