Friday, March 07, 2008


However delicate and tender he kissed,

Aggressive he ended.

No matter with what softness he began,

He finished beastly.

Though she often seem to consume him;

And had more appetite than him;

Superior he pretends,

As she often forgets her worth.

But he doesn’t rejoice this illusion, for he knows;

There are worse things she can do to his soul

Than he can ever do to her whole!

Happy Womans Day!
Never forget your worth and
Rejoice in being a woman.


vishesh said...

nice one shiva....what you say is true...

and happy women's day to all the women of the world...

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Jeevan said...

though i was little confuse about this post... but expressive shiva.

hope you are doing well buddy :)

Kittu said...

happy women's day to all women and a very nice post shiva..

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-- Kittu mama

tulipspeaks said...



Anonymous said...

Lovely poem. Enjoyed reading it. A woman can make a man superior the way she brings her love inside him.

mystic rose said...


Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW Shiva....what a way to wish...awesome....! Your words just was not words but it was as if showing the picture right infront of the eyes...
Cheers dear

Shiva said...

@ Vishesh - I'm on track! Thanks for following up

@ Jeevan - Glad that it confused you. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss:)

@ Kittu - Thanks! Will visit you soon

@ Ammu - Good to see you. Thanks!

@ Anon - I agree

@ Mystic - ?!

@ Dawn - Glad that you liked it. Thanks!

maxxwell john said...

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