Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dream for a better world

Recently, there was a question posted in Yahoo Answers and the answers were supposed to be shared with Paulo Coelho. It is a question that all of us ask ourselves time and again.

Here is the question –

How would the world be different if people began to follow their own dreams?

Can following your dreams make the world a better place?

My answer to it was “Depends on what we dream of. Dream is the reflection of the impressions and inhibitions of an individual. The ultimate goal of life is to shed these impressions, so that the soul is purified. Then the individual will know his/her Self is just a microcosm of the whole existence and the whole existence is the macrocosm of the self. At this state, if the individual dreams, it is as if he/she is dreaming for the world and if it materializes, then would make this world a better place. In the relative plane of existence, we as individuals cannot have a shared vision and a common goal. But, in the real plane, which is beyond all the sheaths covering us, we are all one and the same pure existence and the dream would be an orchestration towards materializing a symphony that would make this world a better place.” When I read it now, it looks like a weird answer!

What would be yours?

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Shirsha said...

real nice link that last one...

priya said...

To follow our own dreams in this world wil be like an odd man in the crowd. When everybody does different things which cannot have a mediator, its not good at all.

A dream is different based on needs, but if the world changes based on it, its like a soup in the bowl.

Shiva said...

Priya, not the dream of an individual; A dream for a better world;

A dream like this Vairamuthu's song -

Putham Pudhu boomi vendum;
Nitham oru vaanam vendum; ......

priya said...

Shiva: This link [ click here]doesn't work anymore.