Saturday, January 20, 2007

Triple Play

The dramatic increase of broadband Internet access in the domestic consumer sector, the communication and multimedia entertainment options, changing communication and entertainment preferences, explosion of new multifunctional consumer electronic devices, shift of use in case of current consumer electronic devices, competent availability of offerings from the operators, service providers and content providers, promising wireless access technologies like WiMax turning the hot spots into hot zones, healthy per capita income and affordability, fast emerging digital homes .. all this and more pave a strong foundation for Triple Play – the voice, video, data services.

Triple Play essentially empowers the people at home to play an interactive fun-filled online game through the Desktop that is wired (Ethernet) , working from home and attending a web conference through a wirelessly connected laptop (WiFi or WiMax) , watching the favorite live TV program (Set-top Box) or demanding a past episode of a favorite program (IPTV) , calling their friends and family on the other side of the globe for nothing (WiFi or WiMax Phone) , calling the grocery store for a carton of milk (Analog Phone), receiving a call or an SMS or MMS in the cell phone, listening to the favorite music (Media Center), all this through a single connection (Residential Gateway), paying a single bill, dealing with a single service provider, through a single cable.

With so many services being packaged into a single offering are sometimes refered to as Multiplay. But, I still like it to be called Triple Play for its rhythm for it sounds good when pronounced. Give it a try. Say it loud!

Triple Play also demands a tightly knit interoperability of various players in the communication and IT industry. The telecom operators, services providers, network vendors and enablers, system integrators, content providers and all other players would end up establishing a common platform creating and end-to-end Triple Play service delivery Architecture to serve the consumers competently, there by, positioning themselves to maximum capitalize the latent potentials of Triple Play minimizing their CAPEX / OPEX and maximizing their ARPU.

Though major players like Microsoft, 2-Wire, Motorola, Alcatel-Lucent , Verizon, Comcast, Siemens, MTNL, Reliance Infocomm, Bharti Televentures having already launched Triple Play and are chasing each other to reach the market, the race is still on. Hope 2007 will bridge the digital divide and turn the Triple Play dream a reality.


Anonymous said...

gud one..informative!

pria said...

Hmm to tech for me but good to know.

Shiva said...

White Forest - Got inspired by Padmashree's blog

Priya - Suddenly turned tech ( but not too techie) because of Padmashree.