Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Work from home

A great benefit that technology has offered us as a boon is the option to work from home. Such an arrangement would have been unacceptable 5 years before and that too in India, even now it is not a common practice. This may be because of various reasons like immaturity of the employer and the employee, failing to establish a shared goal and a common vision, unwillingness to take responsibility and commitment, lack of mutual trust, etc. In the western world, flexi-hour work, freedom from the cubical, fun at work and all such factors that would turn work into gratification for the employee and enhanced productivity for the employee has become a commonality. This mutual benefit comes from freedom that the employee experiences which makes him more creative, innovative and be focused on what had been assigned to them. Now, I understand why I get so excited when it snows too much forcing me to work from home. Let the vitual offices at home grow and the children get all the warmth that the very presence of their parents would give them.

What do you think?

Here is an interesting column that inspired me post on work from home.


Shirsha said...

Am sure work from home is a great idea and a great relief to most folks, but I hate it when it comes in the way of quality time at home. Even a simple conversation at times becomes tough because there is that constant urge to work, be up to date, check mail, browse, chat with colleagues. I'd rather like my holidays without any remnants from office for all my family members :)

Shiva said...

Shirsha - Welcome. Haa Haa.. you are refering to holiday! You are right. Work at home sometimes is difficult. However, if works turn into a gratification, it's no longer work. There is so much inter-dependence that the work-home overlap is inevitable. Thanks