Thursday, July 24, 2008

Awareness Ads

I recieved an interesting forward from one of my beloved friend, Yaseer Arafat Mohamed Sultan Haroon Bathusha alias Batcha- thinking.......??? This is the name of just one person and not many people.

The forward consisted of a collection of ads creating awareness on some of the social maladies haunting us. Though they speak for themselves, I have added my thoughts for each of the picture. Feel free to share your thoughts either as a comment or as a tag post in your blog.

Chewing tobacco causes mouth cancer

An impotent mind;
Knows how to start easily;
Knows not how to stop................

Drive Safely

An arrogant mind;
knows its thrshold well;
Knows not how to limit.........

Most child abuse is committed by the person a child trusts

A wicked mind;
Knows how to exploit everything;
Doesn't care even it's a bud.

Save Girl Child

An ignorant mind;
Knows only to reject its half;
Knows not, the precious is lost.

The next time you waste food, think!

A greedy mind
Knows to amass and waste;
Knows not how to share.

Children learn fast. Don't fight at home

A stupid mind;
Knows how to disrespect;
Knows not, it is suicidal.

Adopt. You never know who you'll bring home

A noble mind;
Knows to embrace all;
Knows not, how to refuse.


vishesh said...

a superb post shiva :) you added the lines right? they were very apt :)

Kavi said...

Lovely ads.Thanks for sharing ! And thats one interesting 'influence' of a name ( of your friend ) !!

Dawn....सेहर said...

Yes, I also received this and makes me sad about certain things...!
Though presented in a different manner.
Nice that you included it in your post.
Thanks n cheers

Shiva said...

Thanks Vishesh,

Glad that you liked the post.


Shiva said...


Glad that you liked the ads.

Not only his name, the guy is also interesting

Jeevan said...

You lines are to think all shiva.

Child abuse: isn’t that softness caress us. then why people abuse?

Rachana Shakyawar said...

Hi Shiva,
Though your this post is quite old but i just read it...and could not resist adding a comment.

Some of the pictures, i had seen before. But the last picture about Adoption, is one I have not seen before and the thought behind the picture have simply touched my heart.
Very Impressive!

Keep the Spark Alive..
Blog~ Humming Today

c#.Net said...

Good one Shiva. Really words are touching. I have also received these ads. But I didn't think like you. You are making difference everywhere.