Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Missing and Dreaming

Yet another pending tag. This time, from Meenu. She has done a wonderful tag and after going through it, I had my own doubts if I'll be able to do justice to the tag.

The tag was to write the 10 things I miss in my life right now , and the 10 things I want to achieve in 10 years !

I doubted because, this is the most easiest and the toughest tag I can ever do. The first part is easy. With in seconds we can list out the things we miss, not just 10, it can run to infinity. Mind always makes a deal with the greed and all that cannot be possessed forever adds up subconsciously to the list of things we miss. It is very easy to miss something too and hence to list it is almost effortless. Here is the list of 10 things I miss now and may be forever:)

1. My Dad

2. My Granny

3. First Love? May be all
the episodes of love :)

4. Everything about

5. Proximity with my friends and all those pranks, big and small

6. Days at

7. The first year of my son - I was traveling most of the time

8. Frequent travels - backpack kind:)

9. Innocence

10. Aloneness

On the other hand, things I dream of doing in the next 10 years.....is the most toughest thing I could think of. To be frank, I don't really know. I am sure that the next 10 years will definitely add more things to the list of I will be missing. But, I couldn't predict all that now and set them as my objectives. Well, I'm not doing the last part of the tag:)


Anonymous said...

We couldn't see the dreams of future. May be its coming in lines of poetry. Nicely done.

vishesh said...

i never knew you were married shiva...lol you sound way younger :)

காளான் said...

objective appadingara texta CVlendhu remove pannina siva vandhu "things i dream for next 10 years" yezhudivaara yenna ?

Jeevan said...

The episodes of love’ let me check them later ;) I know ur so passionate on kodai, I feel how u miss the place buddy. Seems u must have gone through periodic experience in Amaravathi . Good school :)

Shiva said...

Vishesh - The best compliment I have ever recieved :)

Kalaan - Hey, is that you Arun? You new blog is amazing.

Thanks Jeevan

அவனும் அவளும் said...

i am not arun and i have met you once in kodai. You won't remember me. i am going through your blog for years ! and that is what has inspired me to write finally !

Shiva said...

Yeah, I confirmed with Arun. You are talking about Kodai and Resume which in my connection is contradictory. When you say, I wont remember you, you mean that I know you very well. So, who are you?

Glad that you started your blog after seeing mine.


அவனும் அவளும் said...

I also mentioned that i am reading your blog for years. So, you wrote about the resume stuff and why you found it difficult to articulate it. I just remembered that !

No. you would not actually know me eventhough you have to come my place in bangalore and i have taken up a cottage which you have arranged !

Yes i was inspired by your blog but i am disappointed that you are not posting frequently. offcourse, i could understand it but!

Anand said...

We miss you too shiva. Come over to the south. Itz about 7 months since we met.

Shiva said...

Kaalaan - I haven't got a clue:) Satheesh must be a possibility. But not very sure.

Anand: Yes Buddy. I miss all you guys. I'll plan for a Bangalore trip soon or we will meet at Maya's marriage