Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Connections In-tact

The whole of May I was traveling and had it not been to the places I love, it would have been a tedious trip. Never stayed in a place for more than 2 days and the trip covered Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Pollachi, Palghat, Palani and Kodaikanal. So many times, I have traversed these places, but the pleasure of spending some time with the relatives, friends and their family has not diminished in anyway. It was yet another memorable trip, wishing the newly married, blessing the newly born, blessed by those awaiting death, congratulating those who have cleared their exams with flying colours, consoling those who have failed to pass through these stupid exams and most importantly fed heavily by whoever I visited. As for me, these trips fill me with love and happiness as a lamp is filled with light and warmth and is a way to cherish the past and be connected with it always. The past as majestic as the mountains, though irrelevant and obsolete, lets the present flow through it, unless we build a barrier to stagnate and stop it.

I had a view of the Coimbatore Junction from a roof-top and the all that I could see are the coarsely illuminated hoardings of all the telecom operators. A substantial evidence that, India has turned into a huge market for the mobile operators. It is no longer the city I have known and loved.

It was a very brief stay at Kodaikanal, only a couple of hours, during which time, I managed to visit Mark and Graces as I wanted wish Grace personally on her 100th birthday anniversary. I have written many posts on Mark Antrobus, because he has been and is being a great inspiration to me in certain aspects.

Outlook has published an article on Grace in its recent issue. I am sure you will enjoy reading this article - Amazing Grace


vishesh said...

wow! that is a lot of travelling...100! lol i feel so young :)

Jeeves said...

After a lonng time. Your blog goes through hibernation and then suddenly u start writing.

david santos said...

Excellent posting!!!
Happy Day.

Kavi said...

Great to know you were all around the place !! Looks like you had a great time !

And will make it a point to pick up the Outlook

Shiva said...

Vishesh - You made me feel young too:)

Jeeves - Yeah...that's how I have been blogging. I hope to maintain some consistency. Thank You!

Thanks David!

Kavi - I have provided the link to the Outlook article. Thank You!

Jeevan said...

In the whole I see your wishes and visiting Grace and Mark the special. Glad you let this picture shiva! And great time must be connecting these places at a time, I have a plan in near future visiting coimbatore and pollachi.

Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW!!! Am more jealous now my India trip got cancelled...:(
but good to read your post!! and yes the article is indeed good one - thanks for sharing
Cheers dear

Shiva said...

Jeevan - Yes Jeevan. I had a good time. Make a visit and you'll love the places.

Dawn - Glad that you read the article and liked it. Hope your trip will materialize soon..