Friday, February 16, 2007

An encounter with God

Beloved Lord!

No prayers are heard.
Do you want me to conceive that you are deaf?
For I know, you understand only the language of silence;
In silence, I hear your voice.

No deeds are seen.
Do you want me to believe that you are blind?
For I know, you see only the light;
In light, I see your vision.

No warmth is felt.
Do you want me to conclude that you are a stone?
For I know, you feel only the fire;
In fire, I feel your warmth.

I breathe no long.
Do you want me to trust that you are just a void?
For I know, you breath only the life;
In life, I breathe your air.

Thirsty, I remain.
Do you want me to imbibe that you are deserted?
For I know, you drink only consciousness;
In consciousness, I’m drunk.

My five senses make no sense;
The world I live cease to live;
Just fill me with what you are,
For me to, live in you.

Shivoham! Shivoham!

Added on 17-Feb-2007 - Shared more pcitues of Shiva, as the post received 2 comments stating the picture is good.


starry nights said...

A Beautiful and inspiring prayer.thank you shiva.

Shiva said...

Starry - Thank You. Got reminded by Mystic's post that today is Shivarathri. Happy that God has given me a way to live in company, virtual though!

Jeeves said...

Nice poem. You need to believe in supreme being to visualise beyond the stone. That belief is not easy sometimes when you cease to belive in yourself

Shiva said...

Jeeves, well said. I have no more words to say!

Shirsha said...

wait patiently, very patiently, He'll come to you.

Btw, whr's this pic from?

Shiva said...

Hey Shirsha,

I'm not in a hurry though!

I took this picture when I came to B'lore. The temple behind Kempfort.

david santos said...

Very, very good
Tank you

Shiva said...

Thanks David

priya said...

Shiva: I think I missed the post as I was little pre-occupied.

I just love that picture:)

Just fill me with what you are-

That itself makes me feel complete.

Beautiful poem for shivrathri...

When you believe it exists, it reaches you in different ways.

priya said...

In silence, I hear your voice.

So true. When you sit and watch or meditate, you can hear your inner voice...

Shiva said...

Priya, it's good to be occupied and pre-occupied. Blogging is for when occupation turns boring.

I took this snap in B'lore, a temple behind a shopping mall called Kempfort.

Thanks for the comments and I agree.

Gangadhar said...

juss wonderful,Shiva..loved the pics and poem too..
And Shiva..we're birds of same feather but not living in the same nest..I'm Gangadhar and you're Shiva..Hope u got my point.. :)
btw thanks for dropping by on my blog..keep visiting..

mystic rose said...

the first pic is indeed beautiful! thats a nice sculpture!

and your prayer is awesome!

Shiva said...

Ganga - Hey, thanks for the commen ts -"We're birds of same feather but not living in the same nest" - Just superb!

Shiva said...

Mystic -Thanks. Glad the you liked the sculpture.

Shirsha said...

Blr!? what abt the snow covered pics then? I never saw that!

Shiva said...

Shirsh, haven't you seen snow at B'lore?

Hey, that should be plaster of paris. It is the temple (though it is more like an exhibition) behind Kempfort. Make a visit next weekend.

Jeevan said...

Its very good thoughts from you shiva. That's why the god created the Nature by filling all things by making this world for us to live.

The shiva and ganesh pic was beautiful!

Shiva said...

Thanks Jeevan. Glad that you liked the pictures.

Yuva said...

anbe sivam
love is god
some time
love making god...
it is true...
in any side
in anybody...
help with one by one...
for the man togod...
run the family
run the world
for the living....
so you are a god...
try to understand it yourself..

o god....! ! ! !

i find god in everything
my perpetual master
always fashioning ways to help me
evolve into the best me
to become his nice creation

Shiva said...

Yuva, that's beautiful and thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts.

Deepa said...

In solitude we listen to silence
In silence glows our inner light
In that glow our consciousness gleams..
Gleaming gift of divine intervention
Permeates our conscious interpretations
The gaiety deity revels in our actions
The gaiety deity reveals in our actions

Shiva said...


This is an ultimate matserpiece. You have captured he sequence so authoritatively that, I am bound to belive you have already tasted the bliss.