Wednesday, February 07, 2007

O! Milky Snow

O! milky snow,
Grown thick and hard,
All night and day;
Like a gloomy cloy
Spread on earth!

O! milky snow,
The frozen lake is in
Quiescent melancholy;
Like the flea-bitten love
Deserted by lovers.

O! milky snow,
The shiny tender skin,
Dry with cracks turn itchy;
Like the drained river
Deprived of moist.

O! milky Snow,
I Pray, you say good-bye.
Let the world awaken;
Let the birds in chorus sing;
for the lake to open
Wide in love
To let the lotus glow.


Shirsha said...

So it's snowing there eh?

Jeevan said...

Lovely Poem Shiva!! last para is good.

priya said...

Hey, the milky snow is damn cute. Its always fun to play in the snow and watch those tree branches filled with white all over.

Good one and you have hid your talent huh.

KK said...

Nice poem... tells the truth about the snowy days :)
you should have mentioned about cleaning car after snow :)

Shiva said...

Shirsha, it's been snowing last week. But the aftermath of the snow is damn cold.

Shiva said...

Jeevan, how did you find some to read this? Hope your tooth-ache is gone.
Thanks for the comment.

Shiva said...

Priya, it's good when it snows, but the cold after it really pricks.

So, you brought the talent out!

No talent is required to put a few words together.

Shiva said...

KK, Thanks. I somehow, forgot it. Mostly I get ride from my room-mate or use a cab. That's why it didn't occur to me.

priya said...

Hey shiva,

How come you didn't give a big blast for one year of blogging...

Shiva said...

Hey Priya!

It's been a year since I started blogging. I just forgot. Thanks for reminding me.

priya said...

What world are you busy man??

take care.

Shiva said...

Priya, just that I forgot, how I used to forget my b'days, only to be reminded by some surprise gift from my wife.

priya said...

You must be a paradise guy who even forget his own birthday:))