Thursday, February 22, 2007


I've had enough
Of sleepless nights,

Of the clinging past,

Of the uncertain tomorrow,

Of the demanding work,
Of the overwhelming remorse,

Of my unspoken grief,
Of the preception of defects,

Of my rebellious self,

Of my tired wisdom.
Come my Mother,

Breath of the universe -
Veil of Maya-
Reveal yourself-
Come and dress my wounds
And be my cure.


Jeeves said...

Is it work or search of the ever illusive Maya, reason for the post.

Nice one. The pic is also good

Shiva said...

Jeeves, Is it not a blend of everything? The all vicious circle of this existence, but beautiful though, like the picture.

Glad, you liked it.

Jeevan said...

nice thoughts. This pic of falls was beautiful!!

iamvisheshur said...

really touching.
i love it.
maya will reveal itself and all it hides it just requires looking around the corner...maya is dependent on love-think of it with out a reason we become angry at people whom we like-the work of maya.

Kavi said...

Were you thinking of me when writing this..? LOL ! Seems to portray my situation pulling words out of my mouth !!

Its great to come back here and see all the activity ! Its a special chord that your space evokes !

priya said...

Shiva: Thaz was really beautiful...

I feel a broken piece needs to be stiched when it heals.

When I see the picture- a force of thirst and water waits to pick those leaves to share the joy of happiness together ...

Shiva said...

Jeevan, Thanks!

starry nights said... have put your thoughts on paper so well.I think we are all searching for something and feel dis ilussioned sometimes.

Shiva said...

Vishesh, Thanks for the comment and an note on Maya.

Shiva said...

Kavi, it just reflects that we are in the same shoes.

Yes. It is a good space to dwell and forget all the stupidies that are around.

Mystic Rose said...

I read this yesterday and I went..

surrender is the ultimate. Breath of the!

Mystic Rose said...

oops1 need to tell you..i write on


L>T said...

this is very nice. Even though i'm not religious I understand it.

clover said...

look i'll be very honest with you, this has been going on already for too long, you seem to fall deeper nd deeper into some hole, -at ├▒east is the impression i get-, this is btw you and your soul, and only you can figure it out. in the mean time, i have been following my own passion. this is also btw me and my soul. now, you have compromisses in your life, well i have a life to live as well, there's divorce. you are hurting me, if you haven't realised this. im ok bcs im really strong, but im getting so tired of your rollercoaster. i understand that you also have a very strong addiction which, im sure, weakness you and everything about you, but, again, where do i draw the line? is it fare for me to ride along with you, up, down, blue, black, it's really getting boring and im getting so tired. i met you and you seemed like a very strong and intelligent man. i understand we lose ourselves at times, it's happened to me too, but i'm fighting for it not to happen to me again. do you want to be with me or not? i'm sorry but i'll not keep on doing this forever. life is to be lived, i think we were destined to meet and to be together, but you seem to be too destructive, even with me, and it really scares me. yet i feel i love you.

Shirsha said...

Sometimes the very things we are restless to have in life become the reasons we restlessly wish to get rid off. A new-bee looks fwd to a worklife that keeps him busy and is forever demanding, so that he runs real high in life. A seasoned professional finds the demanding worklife reason enough to abscond, life is indeed all abt cycles...
Dont they say, sab mithya hain, sab maya hain...

Shiva said...

Thanks Mystic for your comment. I have started treading the frothy water :)

Shiva said...

I>T, Thanks for the comment. I'm not religious too. I'm spiritual. Never wanted to be confined to any -isms

Shiva said...

Willie / Clover - Is that you or Mary? I dont think I understand.

Shiva said...

That's true Shirsha. It's all relative to the ego states we are in.

Deepa said...

Watch the stars on sleepless nights..&
Wreck the heck out of obscure remorse
Weed-out ills of clinging pasts
Wheel-out thrills of the cryptic future

May your grief wither with time
May your perceptions win over time
May your soul rebel over hurt
May your wisdom grow over hurt

Mother nature is all around us
Mother nature is all within us
Impatient to unviel maya around
Impromptu shred the viel within

Watch the stars on sleepless nights..
Watches the stars as you sleep at night

Shiva said...

Your poems looks like the solace for my lamentations in Insomnia.

Thank You Deepa