Monday, February 19, 2007

Pria's TAG

Favorite Colors: White

Favorite Food: Anything hot and spicy

Favorite Month: December

Favorite Songs:

  • Hindi: - Hawa Dheere Aana (Nanhi Kali Sone Chali) from Sujata

Favorite Movies:

Favorite Book

Favorite Sport: Basket Ball

Favorite Season: Monsoon of Kodaikanal

Favorite Day Of the week: Saturday

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate

Favorite Time of Day: Late evenings

During weekends: As it flows.....


Current Mood: Happy and Relaxing

Current Taste: Chocolate

Current Clothes: Southern Spice Lungi

Current Desktop: Osho

Current Toe nail Color: Not Applicable :)

Current Time: 10:46 PM CST

Current Surroundings: Silence

Current Thoughts: Pria’s TAG


First Best Friend: You too

First Screen Name: Give me a hugzzz was your answer!

First Pet: None

First Piercing: Just like you - Ears

First Album: Colonial Cousins

First Movie: Ninaithale Inikkum


Last Cigarette: I see someone standing with a stick!

Last Drink:

  • Alcoholic: Jack Daniel's
  • Non-alcoholic: Water

Last Movie Seen: Dances with the wolves ( in TV)

Last Phone Call: As I type this…

Last Book Read: Passions of the mind by Irving Stone

Have You Ever Broken the Law: Which Law?

Have You Ever Been Arrested: They were never successful :)

Have You Ever Been on TV: I have a 100 channel TV running in my mind

Have You Ever Lied: Many times, for good.

Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: Only in dreams!


Thing You're Wearing: I thinks, I told you..

Thing You've Done Today: TAG

Thing You Can Hear Right Now: Cell phone vibration

Thing You Can't Live Without: Love

Thing You Do When You're Bored: Books, Travel and of course, blogging


Office, Apartment, Gas Station and Barnes & Noble


My Sister, My wife and My Friends


Be yourself

Listen to your heart



The TAG is passed to Shirsha, Jeeves, Kavi (If he ever sees this post) and Jeevan (Please ignore, if you had already been through this)


Anonymous said...

Pria's tag was fantastic and funny :-)

Toe Nail color was hilarious....

- Sujathaa

Jeevan said...

Very nice Tag shiva:) I have done this type of tag sometimes back, but this one was different, let me do this soon.

Have you ever went inside the Guna cave? i like to watch Life is beautiful film.

priya said...

Favorite color white- Do all men like white??

That tamil songs is always the best. I remember seeing the movie and all the songs were too good.

Guna is a beautiful movie... with melodious songs.

Books- I used to read back home. Now being a lazy duck, I just don't even pick them up.

First movie is sooper with Rajni & Kamal and again beautiful songs.

Alcoholic: Jack Daniel's
- is that a beer or what. No clue..

You see someone standing with a stick??? Must be daredevil!!!

Lied many times- Aha .. you shud give us some tips for us too.

Nice tag and neatly done shiva.

Thank you for doing it:)

Shiva said...

Jeevan: Thanks for your comment and good to note that you'll be doing it soon.

Been inside Guna Caves manytimes. Good place to discover silence and light.

Don't miss Life is beautiful. It's a very +ve movie.

Shiva said...

Priya, Do all men like white? I don't know. But, I like it.

Glad that you liked the movies and songs. Don't miss life is beautiful and children of heaven.

A double Jack Daniel's on the rocks is always my choice - It's a Whisky.

The one with the stick is the Guarding Angel:)

Things said in pursuit of goodness
pure, are truth, even if it a lie. Just follow Thirukkural

priya said...


Never knew about the drink brand:)

Me and thirukkural.. got to think coz he might come back alive.

Shirsha said...

Oops, finally a tag comes my way and I dont have time to do this, must come back and take this up!
So you've lied many times, eh? How many of those times have u gotten caught too!?

KK said...

Whoa!! thats a long tag... :D
Lots of common things like fav movies, fav sport, fav ice cream, fav time of the day, Mez more a Jemeson's person.. :D

Nicely done tag shiva :D

starry nights said...

Loved all your answers.I liked dances with wolves also.And nothing like hot and spicy food.

Shiva said...

Shirsha, I know you have already left for Chennai. Post the Tag when you are back. Have a good time there

Shiva said...

Thanks KK and glad we have many similarities. Send your tag link (not the cricket dream:). Cheers

Shiva said...

Hey Starry, Thanks. Nice to note that you liked the answers. Yeah. Dances with the wolves is amazaing. I watched it last, for the second time. It's a debut for Kevin Costner as a director and swept 7 Oscars including the best director.

True. Nothing can beat hot and spicy. Just yesterday that, my friend returned from Hydrabad with home made pickles of shrimp, lamb and chicken. No need to cook for alteast a month :)

Jeeves said...

Thanks for tagging. Finally, my post

Anonymous said...

I must say "interesting" :)

Shiva said...

Welcome Thaya - Thanks for the comment